Air Conditioning in Brighton

Sussex Air Conditioning is the go-to company for air conditioning in Brighton. We deliver the best service across all of Sussex. We design, supply, install, maintain and repair all types of air conditioning units. We also supply air source heat pumps for all sizes of commercial, residential, and industrial premises. We have over 15 years of knowledge and experience and have worked on many projects. These include installing large air conditioning systems in listed buildings, tower blocks and hotels.

Did you know that there are a wide variety of different types of air conditioning units? Some examples of these include:

They are all suitable for different locations, and we can work on installing and repairing them all. Maintaining your air conditioning in Brighton is a vital factor that will affect the lifespan of your unit. Not looking after and maintaining your system could cause it to become less efficient and cause it to become less economical. This would result in it costing you more in the future. We have a dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable team who works on maintaining and repairing all types of AC systems.

What is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning in Brighton is a system used for controlling the humidity, ventilation, and temperature in a building, typically to maintain a cooler atmosphere in warm conditions. It is used to cool down a space by removing heat from a room and replacing it with cool air.

What are the benefits of Air Conditioning in Brighton?

You might be wondering why you need air conditioning, but having an air conditioning unit has many benefits. This includes providing better air quality, can help to get rid of odours and fumes, can help to reduce mould and damp and also help to reduce dehydration by keeping you cool.

Why choose us for Air Conditioning in Brighton?

Sussex Air Conditioning is the leading specialist in installing and repairing all types of air conditioning units across various sectors. Contact us and our friendly and helpful team today to get your air conditioning in Brighton fitted, installed or repaired!