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Residential Heating & Cooling

Energy efficient Air Conditioning and future ready Heat Pumps.

Air Conditioning

Due to the ever-increasing hot summers, we now find ourselves installing more and more air conditioning units in homes. Our expert teams will provide you with comfortable and moderated temperatures all year round. The systems that Sussex Air Conditioning supply and install all deliver heating and cooling with energy-efficient running costs.

The latest systems can also now be controlled via an app on your phone. We can connect them to your home Alexa, Google, or Apple systems to keep you nice and cool throughout the summer.

In conclusion, due to the ever-expanding research into AC Technologies, air conditioning is constantly becoming more efficient an affordable for residential properties. Get in touch with Sussex Air Conditioning today to find out what we can do for you.

Heat Pumps

Air source heat pumps are becoming the mainstay for providing heating and hot water to residential properties. In fact, from 2025, no new builds will be able to install gas-fired boilers. We have found that a lot of our customers are already opting to replace their boilers with new air source heat pumps. As a result, this is cutting costs, while also providing a more effective and eco-friendly source of heating within homes. Subsequently, the government has put in place a number of schemes up to £4000 to encourage this.

Our expert team can provide advice and undertake the process of all new installations for you. A few of our clients have opted to take the process one step further by having air conditioning installed alongside an air source heat pump. This allows them to cool their houses down in the summer whilst utilising the excess heat recovered from their building to provide free hot water!

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